The Unbelievable

Having got caught up in updating my Star-Lord cosplay (still a W.I.P, by the way) for the Wales Comic Con Telford Takeover last December, updating this place kind of went to one side. However, I have a new laptop and a new cosplay idea! Star-Lord is not going away. A version will always appear at every comic con I go to (I’m sentimental like that) but right now the bits I need to concentrate on finishing are things like spray painting etc – and it’s just not the time of year to spend extended periods of time in our unheated […]

Quill in Wrexham

So my first foray into cosplay was actually just a few months ago. A very rushed Peter Quill/Star-Lord, after a snap decision to attempt my first comic con – Wales Comic Con in Wrexham, April 2019. That weekend happened to coincide with Storm Hannah hitting the area (after beautiful weather for the preceding weeks), which lead to flooding and all sorts. It threatened to make the event a complete washout on the Saturday, particularly as most of the queuing for photo ops/autographs was outside. I ended up going back to the hotel to change, missing a Q and A session […]

Out the The Other Side

So it has been a while but I’m back. I had some issues with my epilepsy throwing me a couple of curve balls – and some new meds making it worse. It’s a funny old thing, my brain. MRI shows no evidence of lesions but still the epilepsy is there. I’m convinced my mental health issues are tied in with it – if there is one bit wrong with my brain why wouldn’t it affect all kinds of other things that are going on up there? It turns there has been research carried out that shows that those with epilepsy […]


Ok so I somehow let two months pass without blogging, despite having several “ooh I must blog about this” moments.  Can I still call myself a blogger? Or just someone who has a blog? And is there a difference?  That’s not the kind of thing that my brian  brain can summon up the energy to process at this time of the week.  I guess it’s unimportant in the grand scheme of things (if there is one) anyway. So what were those amazing gems of moments which my brain flagged as worthy of the internet’s time?  They must have been truly […]

Brain: Engaged

So the new work rules are going well. Whilst the increase in meds almost certainly is a major player in my confidence levels, working on being a productivity ninja* is definitely helping.  Lis also recommended another book, which I think I will investigate once I have finished getting through the others I also have on the go.  No reviews going to be here for any of them though – wait until I get back into my Netgalley reading list for that one. I’m really good at “discovering” music that everyone else seems to have been listening to for years, but I figured […]

When yes is too much 3

I’m rubbish at saying no to things and it’s not good for my health. I like to be helpful, I don’t like to let people down and I don’t like to admit that I really don’t have the skills to meet a request.  I need to learn to say no, I need the confidence to say “No”. It’s one of the things that pushed me over the edge recently.  I took on too much, then gave myself a hard time for not being able to cope with it all when I felt I really should, got frustrated with myself… took on […]