Dizzy: the original twirliegirly (ie: me)

Dizzy: the original twirliegirly (ie: me)

Well hello there, thank you for stopping by, you have entered the virtual incarnation of my world.  I guess if you’ve made it to this page you want to know a bit about me….

I have been blogging on and off since 2001, although back then I referred to it as an online diary and a weblog was a word which I only had a passing acquaintance with until I shifted to my own domain. I put my last self-hosted blog on permanent hiatus a two or three years ago because of some life stuff and now I am back – new URL, same-but-different lass.

I’m a bit of a walking contradiction.  I like bright colours and quiet spaces. I can be incredibly outspoken but am nervous around new people.  I am an optimist who tries to see behind others’ public masks and give them the benefit of the doubt but am my own worst critic.  I have been complemented on my patience but I have a fiery temper and suffer no fools. I do try and avoid conflict and most of the time I know which battles are worth fighting and which are better left for another day.

I write what I say better than I speak it, although what I write is how I would say it (get that? Well done). Given that I have a weird hybrid of an accent/dialect which jumps between home counties, north west England and northern Scottish slang it can sometimes mean that my sentence structure is… interesting (“Aye, yeah”).

I’m a wannabe bass-playing ninja who works 9-5 five days a week and goes home to a man, a cat and a dog (and post-grad coursework).  I like lots of stuff but I don’t like coffee, even in cake.

This blog won’t change the world – it’s not likely to even generate more than 10 comments on any one post – but, it stretches my brain more than fending off Facebook invites to the current flavour-of-the-month game.



(aka “Dizzy”)