Travelog: My journey around Planet Home.

A lot of my 101 things involve travelling.  In particular number #3 states that I need to step foot in all European countries – so it seemed sensible to keep a list somewhere and, well that place is here.  But why do things by halves? Below is a list of *all* the sovereign states and dependent territories on the planet (split using the seven continent model) as listed on Wikipedia[1] but adjusted slightly to allow for the order I have visited each continent.

[1]List of sovereign states and dependent territories by continent” retrieved 29th December 2015


Åland Islands Åland Islands
Albania Albania
Andorra Andorra
Austria Austria

 First stay July/August 1994
Belarus Belarus
Belgium Belgium  Travelled through but not stopped!
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Croatia Croatia
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Denmark Denmark
Estonia Estonia
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
Finland Finland
France France

 First visit/stop 1994, first stay 2002.
Germany Germany

 First stay Easter 1993
Gibraltar Gibraltar
Greece Greece

 First stay 1996, only visited Rhodes since.
Guernsey Guernsey
Hungary Hungary
Iceland Iceland
Republic of Ireland Ireland  Not yet crossed the Irish Sea!
Isle of Man Isle of Man  See above 😉
Italy Italy
Jersey Jersey
Kosovo Kosovo
Latvia Latvia
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein    Visited/stopped in 2005.  Didn’t stay over but did get my passport stamped!
Lithuania Lithuania
Luxembourg Luxembourg    Don’t know the first time I visited but stayed there for a night in 2005.
Republic of Macedonia Macedonia
Malta Malta
Moldova Moldova
Monaco Monaco
Montenegro Montenegro
Netherlands Netherlands    Had an ace weekend in the beautiful city of Amsterdam in 1998.  Since then I’ve only been to Schiphol…
Norway Norway
Poland Poland
Portugal Portugal Unless Madeira (2007) counts?
Romania Romania
Russia Russia
San Marino San Marino
Serbia Serbia
Slovakia Slovakia
Slovenia Slovenia
Spain Spain Not unless the Canary Islands count (I’ve stayed on Lanzarote in Feb 2005, with a day trip to Graciosa and then Fuerteventura for Christmas 2014.when I also visited Lobos Island.)
Svalbard Svalbard
Sweden Sweden
Switzerland Switzerland   Got flown out from Geneva airport after a skiing accident in the French Alps and have travelled through and stopped but never spent a night there.
Transnistria Transnistria
Ukraine Ukraine
United Kingdom United Kingdom    Born in England, stayed in Wales, now live in Scotland.  The only one I’m missing is Northern Ireland (and I’ll be going there when I graduate from my MSc)
Vatican City Vatican City/Holy See

North America

Anguilla Anguilla
Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda
Aruba Aruba
The Bahamas Bahamas
Barbados Barbados
Belize Belize
Bermuda Bermuda
Bonaire Bonaire
British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands
Canada Canada
Cayman Islands Cayman Islands
Clipperton Island Clipperton Island
Costa Rica Costa Rica
Cuba Cuba
Curaçao Curaçao
Dominica Dominica
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
El Salvador El Salvador
Greenland Greenland
Grenada Grenada
Guadeloupe Guadeloupe
Guatemala Guatemala
Haiti Haiti
Honduras Honduras
Jamaica Jamaica
Martinique Martinique
Mexico Mexico
Montserrat Montserrat
Navassa Island Navassa Island
Nicaragua Nicaragua
Panama Panama
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Saba Saba
Saint Barthélemy Saint Barthélemy
Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
Collectivity of Saint Martin Saint Martin
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Sint Eustatius Sint Eustatius
Sint Maarten Sint Maarten
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands
United States United States of America  Specifically: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona & Nevada in 2010
United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands

South America

Argentina Argentina
Bolivia Bolivia
Brazil Brazil
Chile Chile
Colombia Colombia
Ecuador Ecuador     November 2013: Specifically the Galápagos Islands, Guayquil, Banos and Quito (and of course Ciudad Mitad del Mundo!)
Falkland Islands Falkland Islands
French Guiana French Guiana
Guyana Guyana
Paraguay Paraguay
Peru Peru
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Suriname Suriname
Uruguay Uruguay
Venezuela Venezuela


List coming soon


List coming soon


List coming soon