The Unbelievable

Having got caught up in updating my Star-Lord cosplay (still a W.I.P, by the way) for the Wales Comic Con Telford Takeover last December, updating this place kind of went to one side. However, I have a new laptop and a new cosplay idea!

Star-Lord is not going away. A version will always appear at every comic con I go to (I’m sentimental like that) but right now the bits I need to concentrate on finishing are things like spray painting etc – and it’s just not the time of year to spend extended periods of time in our unheated garage, where all the tools I need are. Not in January.

So, let me introduce you to Gwendolyn Poole

Gwen is a comicbook reader in an alternate universe who found herself transported to the Earth of prime Marvel Universe. Not wanting to just be an “extra” she tracks down a seamstress to the superheroes, Ronnie. Ronnie takes inspiration for Gwen’s outfit from her pink hair and misreads her application as “Gwenpool”.

Gwen is pretty reckless at first, based on her knowledge of reboots and alternative universes in the comics she has read. She confuses those around her with her knowledge of each superhero (nearly revealing on of them’s secret identity!) but I find her pretty entertaining, and love the concept of her character.

A running joke through her arc is that Ronnie (tailor to Marvel superheroes) didn’t have enough fabric to make her trousers, saying she will have to have big boots instead. So Gwen is basically wearing a leotard..

However I’m not the kind of lass that feels confident walking around in public wearing something I don’t think I have worn once since I was at primary school. So I figured I would just have to give the idea up. Until, that is, it occurred to me that I could do a steampunk version of Gwen… in a way that features/reflects some of the things she is known for.

So, I have some sewing patterns on order.. let’s see how this goes…

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