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Z-Day 2

“You’ve got red on you”  – Shaun of the Dead, 2004 If you’ve been around this blog for a while you may have noticed that I am drawn to post-apocalyptic fiction. Indeed, during the twitterview I had with Dan Haight (author of Flotilla) we ended up talking about the zombie apocalypse and contingency plans.  The thing is, I was only half joking. A few months ago I wrote a little about my fear of zombies.  The idea that humans could become infected with some sort of man-made contagion is perfectly plausible to me. 28 Days Later  (with it’s fast moving Rage infected/fuelled “zombies”) is […]

Review: Flotilla (Pac Fish #1) 1

Sometimes the internet is a gift that gives.  A little while back I reviewed the Codebreakers Series by Colin F. Barnes and the inner workings of this website sent a tweet announcing as such over on Twitter and one of the responses to the review of the first book was rather unexpected….   @Dizzyfy Hey Dizzyfy, can I tell you about my #scifi thriller available for review on Netgalley? https://t.co/WSnagwI0BD — Flotilla Online (@FlotillaOnline) May 2, 2016 That was Dan Haight, author of Flotilla a story narrated by Jim, a teenage (recovering) alcoholic from a near-future Pacific coast USA.  At the point Dan tweeted me I […]