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The Unbelievable

Having got caught up in updating my Star-Lord cosplay (still a W.I.P, by the way) for the Wales Comic Con Telford Takeover last December, updating this place kind of went to one side. However, I have a new laptop and a new cosplay idea! Star-Lord is not going away. A version will always appear at every comic con I go to (I’m sentimental like that) but right now the bits I need to concentrate on finishing are things like spray painting etc – and it’s just not the time of year to spend extended periods of time in our unheated […]

Review: Alice’s Adventures In Steamland

“He was a March hare, a species filling any job that permitted marching, which they were obsessed with.” –Alice’s Adventures in Steamland: The Clockwork Goddess If you have ever wanted to read something truly bonkers then try Alice’s Adventures in Steamland: The Clockwork GoddessA. This has to be one of the strangest tales I have ever read – and that’s including the psychedelic tale that is Gregory Maguire’s WickedA. If I had actually thought to check out author, Wol-vriey‘sA. I would have maybe got an inkling of what to expect. His portfolio includes titles such as “Vegan Zombie Apocalypse” and the “Bizarro 101” flash fiction stories. […]