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Day 15: Applesauce Time. 4

Why not upset the apple cart? If you don’t, the apples will rot anyway.

~ Frank A. Clark

This week my hair has had a rather waxy texture to it.  While this has meant it hasn’t been flying around all over the place and depositing sebum on my face hasn’t exactly made my hair pleasant to touch.  This is a not unexpected side of the whole no-poo transition and I have been trawling my copy of my new haircare guru Lucy’s  brilliant Happy Hair book for potential solutions.

On Tuesday I tried a bentonite wash before I went to work. Bentonite clay is known for its detoxification qualities and so seemed a good idea to try.  Unfortunately, in my haste it seems that all the clay hadn’t actually washed out of my hair so as it dried during the day I slowly accumulated what looked like dandruff.  I was rather relieved to give it a good brush that evening and then a water wash the next day.

I also couldn’t tell much difference (it’s supposed to also make your hair more voluminous) but I think the amount of sebum remobilising in my hair put paid to that.  I think it will be something to try again when I have more time and my hair is slightly less “heavy”.  If it turns out me and it don’t get on then I can still use it in a face mask!

Incidentally I have also discovered that putting my hair in plaits, pony tails etc. for a whole day really doesn’t help with transition (although it makes it presentable for work without having to wear a headscarf) so when I get home I have been giving it a good brush before letting it loose.

So anyway, after reading that it can help de-waxify and remove grime from your hair I thought I would try an applesauce treatment!  I didn’t want to spend a fortune for some of the unsweetened kind (most stuff you get in the UK is sweetened and pricey) so I figured I would have a go at the home made kind. I had some Pink Lady apples in the fridge which we definitely past their best (but weren’t anywhere near being rotten) so I took two, chopped them up small (skin and all) gave them a quick rinse then chucked them in a saucepan with a bit of water and cooked them with the lid on until they were soft.  I then blitzed them and the result is what you see in the photo. I admit to having a taste and it is incredibly scrummy but I exhibited extreme willpower and once the sauce had cooled enough I put it into the fridge.  This afternoon I took about a third of a cup out  and let it reach room temperature before adding roughly the same amount of water and stirring it – a lot.

It’s quite difficult to get it to massage into your hair at first (I don’t think it helped me that the sauce could probably have done with a bit more blitzing) but it does, of course, smell awesome.  My first impression of it when I was rinsing was that my hair felt quite silky – but I wasn’t sure whether this was the water/sebum combo or not.

Be aware, if you are using this in the shower the applesauce will go everywhere especially, I suspect, if you have long hair (or at least, that aids the extent of the fallout).  And when I say everywhere, I don’t just mean in and around the shower, rinse your whole body thoroughly too or you may find pieces of apple in unexpected places. I finished off washing my hair by pulling a flannel over it to get rid the worst of the lumps of apple that I couldn’t wash out. If there was anything else left I expected to brush it out later on once my hair had dried.

So, what’s the verdict? It’s several hours after the wash and my hair is just about dry.  It definitely feels softer and more pleasant to handle. I did have a minor eep moment when I brushed my hair – I left more apple behind than I realised but it does (and did) brush out.  The real test will be to see how it feels tomorrow and how it gets on until the next water wash!



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