Footsteps in the sand.

Day 25: That which I have learnt so far.

Perseverance, secret of all triumphs.

Victor Hugo

I last used shampoo 25 days ago and I can honestly say it has been way easier to do than I thought it would be, in fact I have quite enjoyed it and the time has gone really quickly.  I now know exactly what I am putting on my hair and scalp and it feels quite empowering. That probably sounds entirely bizarre but it’s kind of like de-cluttering part of my routine and it’s feels like a metaphorical weight off of my shoulders (for want of a better expression).  The act of mixing and blending my shampoo and conditioner alternatives is also incredibly satisfying and feels almost alchemaic. My hair and scalp are adjusting well to regular water washes interspersed with shampoo alternatives (it feels lovely and soft right now) so I have been pondering what tricks I have learnt/discovered along the way.  I figured I would share them with whoever stumbles across this blog.  You never know, someone else might find it useful at some point

Lesson One

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has a mother! I use raw ACV so it has this nutrient filled floater in it.  This kind of ACV is also popular with folks who consume it for its health benefits or put it on their skin.

Lesson Two

Sticking with apples I am now in love with using applesauce to wash my hair.  It really did seem to help my hair move out of the “waxy” phase.  Also you can eat the bits that you don’t use on your hair and it doesn’t matter if it gets in your mouth.  One thing I did learn is that if I use it when I am in the shower a) my long hair means that I can accidentally flick it to the other side of the bathroom if I am not careful and b) it’s not just my hair I need to rinse thoroughly once I am done.

Lesson Three

Never do a clay wash on your hair in the morning if you are in a rush and are going to leave the house before it is dry.  Bentonite particles do a really good impression of dandruff.

Lesson Four

The brush I was using before I started was one that is branded with the words “tease” and “tangle” in it.  I switched to using one with natural bristles… and then switched back about a week ago when I realised that the plastic bristles of the teaser were actually stimulating my scalp better AND I could create a bit of volume in my transitioning hair.  I simply hold it to my head so I can feel the bristles on my scalp and then “draw” little circles with it.  The natural bristle brush is still in use because of lesson five.

Lesson Five

It’s incredibly relaxing to just sit and brush your hair.  It’s a good way to wind down.

Lesson Six

Whatever brush you use, keep it clean.  I’ve found washing my hairbrush(es) when I wash my hair with water or bicarb is the simplest way. I don’t think it would work with bentonite or applesauce.

Lesson Seven

Investing in measurement cups/spoons is a good plan for no-poo alchemy.  Also good for skincare concoctions and, of course, for food preparation!

Lesson Eight

I’m a bit shy of using a headscarf at work (and it would get in the way of my headphones anyway) but I found that plaiting it and using wired headbands helped to disguise my waxy hair. However styling my hair like this and even putting it in a ponytail seemed to retard the movement of sebum through my tresses so I learnt that it was best to wear my hair down when I could.

Lesson Nine

The most important lesson of all.  Perseverance is key and even though I can be incredibly lazy at times I can also be incredibly stubborn.




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