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Eye of a needle 5

“She was the most beautiful creature on Earth – her hair said so in that language only hair can speak.”

~ Gabriel Bá Daytripper

So yesterday was the last day I intend to use shampoo.  I’ve been working up to it for a while but now I’m there.  I’ve finished the bottle I was using (didn’t want it to go to waste) and  that’s me.  Now this doesn’t mean that I am no longer going to wash my hair – far from it – I’ll just be employing the “No Poo” method and using the products pictured. I’ll even have a go at cutting my own hair. I’m not exactly sure how I got to this point but it started with an Offbeat article about going toilet paper free(!) and somehow ended up with me finding the “Happy Hair” guide on that website which sells books and sounds like a jungle (and subsequently getting acquainted with Lucy’s blog).

Why have I chosen this is for me? Well a few reasons really:

  1. It’s going to reduce my hair care costs.  What I will be using to clean my hair will last a lot lot longer and some of those items are brilliant little multi-tasking ingredients. So I’ll becoming a thrifty minx.
  2. Having my hair cut and coloured at a hairdresser is just not affordable for me at the moment.  I kinda don’t want someone else putting their hands all over my hair while it adapting to life without shampoo anyway…
  3. I know exactly what I will be putting on my hair.  I have used some lovely smelling/feeling shampoos, conditioners, styling products and colours of the years but the list of ingredients seems endless – some of it is only actually there to make the product foam!  I’m relishing in the idea of simplifying.
  4. I’ll be reducing my household waste.  Less non-recyclable plastic bottles filling up my bin.  Yes, some of the items come in other packaging which is not recyclable where I live either, but its bulk is much smaller.

So, despite the fact that advertisements for a certain haircare brand tell us that the only way to get your hair through the eye of a needle (aka have no split ends) is to use their products.  I’ll be passing on getting “healthy looking hair” and aiming to have hair and a scalp which is actually healthy and not just shiny because it has a plastic coating.

I’m guessing at this point – unless you’re already a no-pooer – you’ve probably already decided I’m some sort of smelly hippy and don’t have a “normal” life where I have a job/social life etc.  Well, I do.  I work full time in an air-conditioned open plan office, living in the (wet, wild and windy) north of Scotland in a house which is heated by solid fuel (and so incredibly dusty).  I have a boyfriend, colleagues, friends and family (none whom no-poo) who will all have to put up with whatever length of transition I have (and there will be a transition, everyone has them).

So I’ve been preparing myself (and my hair) a little before finally binning the shampoo.  I’ve been reducing the frequency of washing anyway and purchased a natural bristle brush (pictured above – I prefer brushes without a handle, I find them easier to manoeuvre/hold).  I quite often sit now when I’m watching the telly just brushing my hair, in fact I find it quite relaxing.  I’m already seeing some improvements – I used to find it incredibly uncomfortable to miss more than a day of hair washing and using a plastic brush – itchy scalp, heavy hair – I can go for 3 or 4 days now as long as I brush my hair properly.

So Tuesday night will be my first no-poo hair washing experience.  Onwards with the bicarb and apple vinegar!



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