The 13 Regenerations of Doctor Who

It’s beginning to get all timey-wimey.

“There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes.”

– The Fourth Doctor (“Robot“)

I don’t make a secret of my fandom of Doctor Who and as the first episode of series 9 is less than a week away now I must warn you that the next few months will probably have weekly appearances on this blog too.

My earliest memories of the time-travelling Gallifreyan capable of regenerating are of Peter Davison‘s portrayal of the Fifth Doctor.  Considering that I was only two years old when Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor regenerated that’s not exactly unsurprising!  My recollections of the original series were of rickety sets with stories I didn’t really understand and don’t really recall, so when Russell T Davies relaunched the franchise in 2005 I wasn’t that fussed about watching it. In fact, the only reason I did was because David Tennant stepped into the TARDIS as the Tenth Doctor Who.  I had been impressed with his performance in Casanova when it aired on BBC Three so wanted to see more of his work.  I must admit that over time I developed a crush on him as he depicted of the baby-faced 9oo-and-something-year-old (or however old he actually is).  I was already a fan of John Simm from his appearance on Human Traffic so when he appeared as The Master I was in Whovuniverse heaven….

Fast forward ten years and Peter Capaldi is about to start his second series as the Twelfth Doctor (or Thirteenth, depending upon how you look at it, the War Doctor seemed quite a sweetie really, but he’s technically not “Doctor Who”).

Now… if you haven’t already seen it, then you need to watch the Prologue episode to this series before I continue so here it is…

Set on Planet Karn the Prologue is a simple, but loaded, exchange which  “quotable quotes” such as:

“An enemy is just a friend you don’t really know yet.”

and the similarly philosophical

“Anyone can hide from an enemy Doctor, no one from a friend.”

Ultimately it leaves us guessing as to who “He” is, what the significance of the disc is and what exactly The Doctor is planning on doing (which is the whole point of a Prologue, eh?)

My first thought was “He” isThe Master but then that doesn’t really fit if he is now a she, does it? Also… The Doctor and The Master were childhood friends, yet Ohila tells us the character they are discussing has always been an enemy of The Doctor.  So:  we are expecting an old enemy of the Doctor, but a singular one – probably not a Dalek or a Cyberman for example.

The trailer for next week’s episode or anything else on the series’ website would probably help answer some of these questions but…. spoilers (incidentally River Song fans should watch this)

I’m looking forward to seeing Capaldi’s Doctor develop more – it always seems to take an actor (and the writers) a series to work out what the latest regeneration is actually going to be. Clara‘s whole “Impossible Girl” thing is getting old now (bring back Donna, I say) but with Jenna-Louise Coleman appearing to be sticking around for at least this next series we are going to be subjected to more of her over-perkiness.  The dynamic between this Doctor and Companion is yet to work for me.

Well, Saturday* should bring some answers.

Before I sign off.. how cool is the featured image for this entry? It is the Doctor Who wallpaper created by critternyc which itself is based on original artwork by Matt Ferguson. Cheers fella.


*Doctor Who Series 9 starts on BBC One at 7:40pm GMT Saturday 19th September 2015

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