Finley felt it was time the flying grease monkeys should pack their bags and take a hike along the yellow brick road... (pic from "OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL". Finley voiced by Zach Braff) ©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

On Simplifying & Small, Life Changing, Decisions

Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.

– Simone de Beauvoir

If you think about it, every decision you make in your life, whether it’s what to have for breakfast or whether to take that job, effects your path in life.   I don’t know whether I believe in destiny but I (after a long time) do believe in myself.  That belief has given me the confidence to make decisions about how I live my day to day life which others would, frankly, find rather odd. The whole no-poo thing is one such thing: I’m on day 5 now and there is definitely some grease-monkeyness about me (even after a bicarb/ACV wash yesterday…work should be an interesting experience tomorrow!)  I’ve started using “family wipes” as well.  Which some folk would definitely find rather icky.  More about that another day though, today is not a day that I feel inclined to talk about the smallest room.

I was pondering on whether to wax lyrical about making your own yoghurt (very impressed with myself) or my first attempt at making bread (not so successful) or even the joys of soapnuts (big fan) but that feels a little too contrived for this grease monkey today.

I’m a creature who finds routine calming but I recognise that a routine may need changing. I have tried so many times to make changes to my life that make it cheaper and/or more eco-friendly.  I even lived for a while on a vegetarian-nearly-vegan diet, I’ve lived on a croft, I’ve bought of-the-shelf eco-friendly cleaning and laundry products and used recycled paper.  You know what I discovered? I’m lazy and trying to be vegetarian meant I ended up with a lot of spoilt veggies and eating too much cheese.  In terms of money using most shop-bought stuff is way more expensive than using their less ecologically friendly shelf-mates.

So now I have taken a different approach.  I’m going to use baby steps and “sneak up” on myself with regards to saving money etc.  The changes I have listed above have already made a difference and I actually feel good about it all.  It’s like I have a weight off my shoulders, to some extent.  Knowing exactly what I am putting on my hair and clothes is strangely liberating.  Even if I have my own personal flock of flying grease monkeys they are friendly enough 😉  Before it felt like I was trying too hard to “do the right thing” now it just feels fun, like an adventure, and because I am having to take a little more time on myself it’s practically indulgent.  My downtime is first and foremost about me – I’ll sit and brush my hair whilst watching tv I enjoy and then colour or do puzzles, rather than be permanently attached to a computer/mobile phone.  Granted, come September that will change with the final year of my MSc and a dissertation to write but even then I will make sure I stick to a study timetable and I should already have a routine for everything else… it’s not nice living in an untidy house when you’re already worrying about deadlines!

So in the meantime me and my flying monkeys are going to go and chill on the sofa, maybe getting a cuddle from the purry furry feline fiend. Those cuddles are something I don’t plan on changing.


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