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NaHCO3 + CH3COOH + H2O = Happy Hair?

Chemistry can be a good and bad thing. Chemistry is good when you make love with it. Chemistry is bad when you make crack with it.
~Adam Sandler

So.  I just washed my hair with the contents of my baking box.

Well, maybe not but it’s definitely stuff that I would previously thought about eating before I put it into my hair.  I actually just did my first “no-poo” hair wash.  The scientists will recognise the title of this post as being the chemical equation for what I just did:

Sodium Bicarbonate + Acetic Acid (aka Apple Cider Vinegar) + Water = Happy Hair?

I’m hoping that this simple equation will help improve the condition of both my hair and scalp. It was an interesting experience – for starters I could actually feel the previous coating of product/sebum on the back of my neck as it washed through my hair.  Of course I did an excellent job of getting the bicarb in my eyes but there was much less sting than any shampoo I have ever used.  Total bonus.

I was rather nervous about getting the alkali/acid ratios wrong. I suspect I was rather overenthusiastic about the vinegar so ended up washing a lot of it out (also my ACV has “Mother” in it so I don’t know how that may effect things – I’ll maybe toddle over to see what Lucy and her readers think).  I also have a paranoia about dandruff from bicarb being left behind so I rinsed my hair like it had never been rinsed before (was lovely and squeaky by the end of it) and my scalp got a mega massage.

I normally walk around for ages after I have washed my hair with it in a towel (unless of course it’s the morning and I am going to work – I think I would get some strange looks) but I was quick to take it off this time – keeping your hair and scalp in such and environment for so long can lead to smelly scalp.  I then brushed it nice and gently with my bristle brush and put some coconut oil on the ends (and my face, it felt dry after the bicarby water had run over it).  So it’s very nearly dry now and I can only just smell the vinegar on it (hurrah!)

It was rather freaky to see a rather large wodge of my hair (technical term there) come out whilst I was washing it but, to be honest, that was entirely to do with the massage and not the bicarb or vinegar eating my hair.

Of course, I’m not expecting to see much change in the way my hair behaves yet, let’s see how it is by Friday night – the next day it will get washed!


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