Pete the Peacock

..The flowers are always asleep

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

I’ve never been particularly good at gardening and, having rented flats and houses for most of my adult life, have never really had the opportunity to get creative in my own space anyway.  This house is the first that I have rented on my own and actually had a garden all to myself. I have got a bit fed up of coming home to flowerbeds full of dandelions and so, inspired by the fairy lights I hung on a trellis a couple of weeks ago I have decided to “Underland” part of my garden.  That’s the Underland in Alice’s adventures, I’m referring to, not any of the other versions.

The garden behind the smallest door.

Alice’s first glimpse of the fantastical chaos of Underland.

The beauty of an Underland themed garden is that I can have a lot of fun with it.  I’m drawing my inspiration from the chaotic garden where Alice first meets Absolem, not the manicured gardens owned by Iracebeth or her younger sister Mirana. There will be lots of coloured foliage, odd flowers and if it looks slightly scruffy at times it doesn’t matter too much.  Saying that, I do draw the line at including giant mushrooms and homicidal plants in my garden.  Even if the latter might keep unwanted “guests” at bay!

This theme should particularly work well in the area I am focusing on because it is the side of the house where the only entrance is, this area can get quite shady and acts as a rather good wind tunnel at times – hardy plants are definitely required! I’m being tempted by all manner of garden ornaments as well, but I’m attempting to be realistic about what will work in the area…

So there we go, with the first section of the flower bed de-weeded, the first batch of fairy lights hung and Pete the Peacock now installed next up is the plant planning….


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