The Bible isn’t God’s word, it’s translation upon translation of a mix of parables, myths, legends and distorted history written by men over 1000 years ago. The Old Testament is a poorly translated Tanakh and the New Testament’s Gospels are the selected writings of some blokes who weren’t even first generation Christians. There are other Gospels, they just didn’t make the final cut – a bunch of men over a thousand years ago decided what Gospels were going into the Bible, not God.

What breaks my heart is that Jesus seems like he was probably a pretty nice guy, accepting of all people from all walks of life – I can’t imagine how sad it would make him that people are using him as an excuse for bigotry and narrowmindedness.

Sexuality is NOT a choice, it’s how your brain is wired and being gay/bi/asexual is definitely not something that needs to be “cured”. However, choosing to live your life based solely on words written by men from an entirely different culture more than a millennium ago IS perverse and IS a choice and is something that, as a society, we need to “cure” by allowing our kids and grandkids to read and learn as much as possible about our world, beyond the boundaries of religious texts and buildings

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