Not So Normal Service Resumed

So a lot has happened since I last posted.  I’ve finished that cyperbunk series (enjoyed, review in the process of being composed), closely followed by the rather surprising Steampunk adventure which is Alice’s Adventures in Steamland: The Clockwork GoddessA (very twisted, very entertaining, but not for children or the faint of heart, probably should review it properly too).  In the real world the crazy people continue to kill, maim, incite hatredtroll, spout rubbish and deny rights.  In my own bubble, I’ve baked, I’ve cut my own hair at least twice, it has snowed rather a lot and there have been a few storms .  Oh, yeah and, after being a tenant for the last 17-odd years, I finally have my name on the mortgage paperwork for a home we can call our own!

Buying itself went pretty smoothly as there was only a little bit of negotiation to get us the house for less than what was being asked, there was no chain (the house was vacant) so all it needed was for the mortgage company to be nice to me and, apart from wanting a bigger deposit than I originally applied with, they were.  Even telling my landlord I wanted to relinquish my tenancy was a lot less painful than I expected and I got my full deposit back (and quite rightly so).  There were the “interesting” discoveries when we moved in of small furry “guests” in the kitchen, a hole in the roof, a blocked chimney and that the shed had been used by various pairs of individuals to “get intimate” (no longer possible, thankfully).  However, with the help of parents we managed to get the house decorated as much as possible before the tenancy was up and friends have been over just this weekend to help me with some more (himself still can’t do much after the accident last year).

It means I have also crossed off another of my 101 Things.  This is a project that was inspired by Greig Trout‘s own list – billed as an “anti-bucket list” by Australia’s Today show – which is about hope and inspiration.  It’s not about trying to cram things in before you die, it’s about living the life you want and enjoying every moment.  I bought myself a hoodie to support his project (check out the featured image) and with his ethos in mind I am trying to build myself a wide range of things which I can control in all aspects of my life.  There is everything from completing reading a series of novels to travelling to Antarctica. Now I admit that back I blogged under a different name, I tried to do the 101 in 1001 challenge as it was A Thing then (dear god that was more than 10 years ago… However I failed miserably – mostly because I couldn’t come up with an initial 101 things even within 1001 days.  I don’t know what that says about me but with this new list I have adopted the policy that a) I can add things I had already done before I started writing the list if it is something that I had wanted to do for years and b) I don’t need to start with a full list of 101 things (in fact, the 101 item on my list is the rather cheeky “Complete this list”.)

I’m a survivor, and I bet you are too.  If you feel inspired by Greig’s story why not start creating your own anti-bucket list too?



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