Brain: Engaged

So the new work rules are going well. Whilst the increase in meds almost certainly is a major player in my confidence levels, working on being a productivity ninja* is definitely helping.  Lis also recommended another book, which I think I will investigate once I have finished getting through the others I also have on the go.  No reviews going to be here for any of them though – wait until I get back into my Netgalley reading list for that one.

I’m really good at “discovering” music that everyone else seems to have been listening to for years, but I figured that somewhere out there in the ether someone wouldn’t have heard the 2016 album Update Your Brain* by The Tuts.  I recently downloaded it – coincidentally a rather apt title for this past few weeks’ happenings.  It’s really difficult to work out which is my favourite but, today, it has to be “What’s on the Radio?”:

(I’m also very much loving James Blunt’s “2005”* but, shhh don’t tell anyone)

Anyway, it’s only a few weeks now until my 39th birthday (40 next year – eep!) and I’m of a mind to write a “39 favourite things at 39” type posts (thanks to Lis’ 34 and Jemma’s 29 for the inspiration).  My list needs to be rather a lot longer than theirs, so we shall see just how successful I can be.  Considering I’ve had such a rotten head on me it could be quite a challenge.

Is it wrong that someone who is coming up on their 40th year still uses the word “eep”?

Anyway, I’m on a bit of a Neil Gaiman frenzy at the moment so I’m off to read a bit of Norse Mythology*


*yes, that’s an affiliate link.

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