Out the The Other Side

So it has been a while but I’m back. I had some issues with my epilepsy throwing me a couple of curve balls – and some new meds making it worse.

It’s a funny old thing, my brain. MRI shows no evidence of lesions but still the epilepsy is there. I’m convinced my mental health issues are tied in with it – if there is one bit wrong with my brain why wouldn’t it affect all kinds of other things that are going on up there? It turns there has been research carried out that shows that those with epilepsy are at a higher risk of depression. There’s all kinds of reasons, including side effects from meds and generally dealing with a chronic condition. Epilepsy can be exhausting and with everything that mine has gone through the past few months I feel like I have got a big hole in my head where a load of information has dropped into. After we controlled the focal seizures I had started to have at tye back end of last year, my epilepsy threw me another curve ball and I started having, nearly constant (what my epilepsy nurse reckoned were) myoclonic spasms. The meds that fixed that are almost certainly to blame for the break down in my ability to construct a sentence, even on paper. Taking 10 minutes to write a simple sentence had me close to tears and I was at the point I thought I was going to have to leave my job. That’s when my ESN quickly weaned me off them!

So now, I’m back to one med a day – I’ve also no longer taking SSRIs – and my brain is behaving much better. I’ve now got the energy to do more than sleep 10 hours a day, and that means I have more motivation to get back to blogging – not least because I’m excited about sharing updates on my new cosplay hobby too.

So, there you have it. I’m not All New, but I am back. It should be fun.


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