Quill in Wrexham

So my first foray into cosplay was actually just a few months ago. A very rushed Peter Quill/Star-Lord, after a snap decision to attempt my first comic con – Wales Comic Con in Wrexham, April 2019.

That weekend happened to coincide with Storm Hannah hitting the area (after beautiful weather for the preceding weeks), which lead to flooding and all sorts. It threatened to make the event a complete washout on the Saturday, particularly as most of the queuing for photo ops/autographs was outside. I ended up going back to the hotel to change, missing a Q and A session for the Sabrina series (thanks to YouTube I did get to see it in the end). My jacket soaked through, and hasn’t quite been the same since. Luckily I only look vaguely damp in my first photo of the day which was with the lovely Lucy Davis. Thankfully, it was Sunday that we decided to cosplay and, after being bitterly disappointed with how I looked in my photo with Michelle Gomez (which was at the end of the day on Saturday) it was enough to lift my spirits (after brief wobble from being tired out). The weather was well and truly gone.

My cosplay was (and now is) Star-Lord – as Chris Pratt plays him in the MCU. More specifically a version that was somewhere around the same time as Guardians of The Galaxy volume 2. Marvel has portrayed the character in many different ways over the years (he first appeared in the comics in 1976*).

Now, given the time constraints, I knew there was absolutely no way I would be able to create a true-to-film replica. I’m not sure I even want to. I don’t want to wear a wig or paint my face up to look like I had stubble. I guess, I was portraying a fine line between an unintentional genderbent cosplay and “crossplay”. I don’t know which side I fall on, considering Star-Lord’s bio, and that I was dressing outside of the MCU films, but ultimately I didn’t want to stop looking like a woman. I also didn’t want to go for the whole “sexy” look you see some female genderbent cosplay have – cropped tops, short shorts.. you get the idea. I still considered myself to be dressing as “Peter Quill”.

Anyway. The costume ended up being a full family effort. My stepdaughter and partner helped with the rockets for my boots; my Mum helped with my bag (although she made it lefthanded!); my Dad did loads of sewing for various parts of my costume (including the base of my holsters and spats). I did loads of painting and attaching and sewing – and found the different components that were needed. Ultimately I ended up with a costume that my mate helped me get into. Below is a photo of everything that went into it (minus my DMs, which were the base of my boots, a t-shirt and my blasters). See if you can work out what is what and find the Easter Eggs in there (one part actually was picked up on the day, but it refused to get out of the photo)

If you look carefully, you’ll see that Groot has his own “wrist band” on. He rides on my shoulder and the people at the entrance loved the idea of him wearing his own. There were lots of photos taken of him with it on at that point and the woman who put it on him actually chased me down later to get a photo of him. Not of me with him on me, but just him on my disembodied shoulder. Not a great photo below, but you get the idea of how it all came together.

It was a great first experience of cosplay, although Groot was definitely the star. It’s something that I am excited to repeat so when I found out that Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn are going to be guests at this winter’s Wales Comic Con (the “Telford Takeover” as the Telford International Conference Centre in England is the closest venue which is big enough to use this time). Also, bonus no queuing outside in December.

So, having booked entry tickets and paid for a “Ravagers Duo” photo op – for which I will definitely be in full cosplay gear – I am now focused on adding to/upgrading my costume. The photo below gives you hints. As you can probably see – I am adding to list of Easter Eggs I have woven in.

Easter eggs ahoy

There’s more to come. As the costume build develop I will post more about how, and why, each component is being included. Including explaining the Easter Eggs….

So until then, just remember….. We Are Groot.


* there’s more info here but it has lots of spoilers for the comics/tv shows/films his character has appeared in – worth a read for someone who needs ideas for their own costume too!

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